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Effective Protection of Steel Structures from Fire

Types Of Intumescent Coatings

Everyone wants to have as much security and safety as possible in their company. A fire is a disaster that can happen anywhere. A second of inattention is enough to lead to disaster. To protect your business from the catastrophic consequences of a fire, you need intumescent paint contractors.

You cannot get this service from every painting company. This company is dedicated to its work and therefore can provide you with the services of painting steel structures with fire-resistant paints. As leading experts, they have done many large projects across the country so far. Highly skilled operatives have worked on many prominent commercial buildings.

Before starting painting, it is necessary to prepare the surfaces for painting. This preparation is done by dry blasting, and in some cases water blasting is required. This preparation is very important, in order to guarantee a quality coating of intumescent paints.

Intumescent Paint Contractors

Intumescent coatings are divided into two groups. There is a thin coating and a thick coating. A thin coating is the industry standard used to protect steel structures in buildings, and thick coatings are applied in areas where very high temperatures are used.

These coatings are best applied during the construction of a building, but if an omission was made then, these coatings can always be applied later.

If you want your building to be protected from collapsing during a fire, ask for the professional services of intumescent paint contractors, who can do this job very well, which will provide you with the necessary protection during evacuation if a fire breaks out in your building.