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Production Of Side Panels

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Gazebo Side Panels

We pay great attention to the selection of materials from which we make the side panels for the gazebo. The most stable fabric available is acrylic canvas. This canvas has a high UV protection power, which means these panels will not fade over time. We coat the underside of the canvas with a special resin coating, so our side panels are also perfect in coastal locations.

This material will neither shrink nor expand, meaning the side panels will always fit perfectly regardless of the temperature. They are also extremely water-repellent, so they are durable in both rain and wind. They are very durable, so they are not likely to tear easily. This material does not retain stains, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to remove any stains. Also, this material is antibacterial, so you are also protected in this way. It is perfectly easy and simple to maintain.

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