If You Go To Rio De Janeiro, Learn All About Football

Show Your Football Knowledge

You are about to visit Rio de Janeiro. If you don’t go during the carnival, when everyone is busy with this event, we advise you to prepare well with knowledge of football. With this knowledge of yours, you will become a friend of many Brazilians.

On Futebol you can learn about many basic rules that are applied in football, which will cause great delight and lasting friendship in every Brazilian.


When football was created, there were some rules, but from year to year new rules were introduced, which contributed to a better game and better refereeing. On each field, except for two teams of 11 players each, there is a referee, as well as assistant referees who are off the field. Each of them carefully monitors the entire course of the game, so as soon as a violation occurs, the players receive certain penalties.

In the beginning, the duration of the match was not limited by time, which led to the dissatisfaction of one of the teams. That is why the duration of the match was introduced in two halves, one of which lasts 45 minutes. At halftime, the players have time to rest and refresh themselves, as well as to agree on the further strategy and tactics of the game.

There are 17 soccer rules that all players and all referees must follow. If a rule needs to be changed, everything must be confirmed by the IFAB, so that the rule is official worldwide.

To learn a lot more about football rules and to go prepared among Brazilian fans, learn all about it now on Futebol and show off your football knowledge.